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New for this Fall: V-T-I will be accepting for a limited time and for a limited number of Clients a lowest cost retainer option to serve the need for cathodic protection staffing but not at a full time position.  If you find your company in need of a NACE accredited Cathodic Protection Specialist on retainer please contact or call 321.578.7839 (321-5-Survey) and request a rate sheet with the multi-tiered plans to see if one may satisfy your company's need.  A special thanks to those clients that have responded to this offer

Plan Plan Category Positions Available Positions Monthly Hours
Primary (Gold) 2 2 40
Client (Silver) 5 4 26
Basic ++ 8 8 19
Basic + 10 8 12
Basic 12 10 5

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"Fighting Corrosion without Corroding your budget" is the mission of Valenti Technological Innovations.  V T I  scans  the cutting edge of technology, specifically serving the corrosion related field. As new advancement in technology and equipment  are developed, the application is only limited by the lack of vision. This company serves to consult with our clients and provide insight as to how advancement in technology may serve their needs for mitigating the corrosion process of the company assets (infrastructure).  V T I is always looking at technology being utilized in disciplines other then our clients and considering the benefits than could be realized for them.   A second purpose of this company is to extend the previously Patented Development of selective frequency technology as it pertains to the Power Industry.

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