The following information is presented to enlighten the viewer of possible conflicts of a vendor in presenting the clients best interest.

In addition some companies bury advances in technology that could better serve their clients / customers because another division makes premium dollars reacting to a crisis (power outage) rather than the lesser amount if the customer was allowed the choice to evaluate its infrastructure and schedule detected problems for repair before the structure deteriorated to point of failure which requires emergency response and the associated costs involved.

The US Patents that I am a joint-inventor of with Craig D. Bass & Emer C. Flounders Jr. were obtained as a result of survey techniques specifically developed and refined to allow the survey to be performed while the structure remained in service. The utilization of selective frequency techniques to model the effects of steady state current in this manner had not previously been applied to these structures, and the resulting data extremely informative for analysis.

The US Patents for System and method of use for conducting a neutral corrosion survey are Nos. 5,347,212 / 5,451,862 / 5,498,967 & 5,654,642 and Henkels & McCoy positioned itself to control then restrict the usage of the technology. I have learned over the years to look at the financial benefits (follow the money) to understand the present philosophy of business. Besides not providing the best service to their customer, H&M choose to curtail a service that benefitted the client and the clients customers, by providing a service which would allow for repairs to be made prior to subjecting the client’s customers to a power outage, had repairs been scheduled and corrected. My point is that much of the deteriorization of our countries infrastructure (pipelines, bridges, roadways) could be mitigated if the technologies available were incorporated into current standards.

Some Books on Business dealing with bottlenecks and general ideas that you may find of value in all industries as I have

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